Most companies will fill this section of their web site telling you how great they are, how long they have been in business and why you should use only them. This might be interesting to some, but at Lamar Aero we approach business a little differently. It’s all about you! We focus on how we can make your job easier and what we can do for you and your unique requirements. At Lamar Aero, we strive to save you money and to find better alternatives to the same old issues. We want our customers to see us as partners not just another ordinary vendor or supplier that provides a product at a good price. Our goal in this web site is not to pull you away from another vendor with promises to save you a couple dollars, but to offer you a lasting solution with hopes of making your job easier and your operational goals more obtainable.

Lamar Aero Inc has a firm understanding of the engine and airframe inventory demands in the airline industry. We offer a wide variety of parts and services that are customized for each customer’s specific needs. Our quality parts, coupled with our knowledge and superior customer service are what set us apart from the rest. Our primary focus is to provide complete support in a timely manner, to commercial, regional, and military aircraft operators around the world.

With that being said, browse our website for a “little bit” about Lamar.